where have all the …

Last weekend, I managed to make good on a promise I made to myself long ago (and got my wife to agree to ;-): I took part in a photography workshop. The instructor was Joe Decker (read more about him here). The whole group consisted of six people, including Joe, so we got good advice whenever we asked for it.

We started off in a parking lot just north of Golden Gate Bridge, and worked our way up Conzelman Road and all the way to Fort Barry. The weather was not quite unexpectedly misty, cold and generally miserable, which was ideal for shooting the battlements from WWII which now stand in disrepair. Not surprisingly, we weren’t the only people around with photo gear.

After having seen and shot enough of ruins to last us quite some time, we proceeded to the beach next to Fort Cronkhite; the fog had increased in density, and although we were having a good time in general, it was getting a little damp, esp. close to the ocean with the wind blowing spray and mist right into our faces. Here’s a picture which I believe captures the atmosphere of the day:lonly tripods

When and if I find time to properly process the pictures I took, I’ll post them on one of my photo pages and drop a link here.

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