looking at laptop screens

I recently had the chance to try a Toshiba Tecra M10 with OpenSolaris for a while; the idea was to find out whether I preferred it to my current one (a lenovo T60p) – its main advantage over the lenovo being that OpenSolaris supports suspend & resume, which the lenovo does not (due to its ATI graphics adapter).

I finally didn’t keep it – the M10’s screen resolution (1440×900) is less than the lenovo’s (1680×1050), and for me the difference made the difference.

Since then, I’ve started looking around at the laptop market, more out of idle curiosity than anything else, and I came to realise that many vendors whose pages I looked at don’t tell you up front about the screen resolution, but only about screen size – am I the only one who’s interested in resolution?

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  1. Greg says:

    Screen resolution of notebook computers is usually specified by means of an acronym like XGA or SXGA or SUXGA or UWSXGA or something like that, which identify the screen resolution. Wikipedia should be able to aid in decoding such an acronym, if encountered.

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