“A Wake for Sun” and other stuff

I recently came across http://consultingadultblog.blogspot.co.uk/2010/01/life-in-boys-dorm-my-career-at-sun.html and enjoyed it very much – if you ever spent as much as a few months at Sun, I’m sure you will too! Thx a lot to Nancy for writing this up (down?).

On a more personal note: it’s been a while since I wrote anything here … I concluded my spree as a contractor end of last September, mainly for personal reasons (I still think of myself as a friend of my former colleagues at Green Digit, I hope they think the same way about me), and decided to become a “regular” employee again. In October 2012, I joined Intel’s Mobile Communication Group in Neubiberg (south of Munich) where I’m now working on something completely different (I don’t write this just to be able to quote Monty Python 😉 … which I can’t talk about in too much detail, I’m afraid, only so much: no C, lots of python. Python is fun, and it’s quite interesting when over 95% of one’s coding work so far has been done in C. Maybe more on that another time.

My commute dropped from 100km one way to ~50km one way. Quite an improvement!

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