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KDE4 on OpenSolaris

I installed KDE (3 at the time) the first time on Solaris 10 quite some years ago – and have been a fan ever since. I’ve been using KDE as my main desktop environment on the Sparc desktops I had; … Continue reading

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how to merge your project gate with Nevada … and what not to do.

I recently made my first attempt to merge our project gate with then-current bits from the Nevada gate; a change I wanted to benefit from had just been put back, and I was eager to get the bits. Here’s what … Continue reading

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ILB: Design questions on import, export and (persistent) config

here follows the text of an email that I just sent out to; if you feel inclined to respond, please do so on the same alias so the discussion can stay in one place. thx. We need to nail … Continue reading

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ILB: first code drop

as I announced here last week, I put back the first wad of code for the ilb project to an – hosted repository. To repeat what I said in that email: this is not much more than a code … Continue reading

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Design document

I’m happy to say that today we achieved another milestone in our project: Sangeeta published the design document here. Comments to welcome!

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And how are you feeling today?

One of the requirements that need to be fulfilled by an offering in the load balancer space is he ability to periodically check the health of its’ back end servers. The health of a back end server can be defined … Continue reading

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Balancing Your Load

I consider blogs to be "work in progress", but this entry seems to be even more so – and since it’s also describing work in progress, somehow recursive 🙂 One of the pieces still missing from (Open)Solaris is the capability … Continue reading

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